Company Profile
Name Daito Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
Head Office Kawaramachi Daito Bldg.
2-1-15 Kawaramachi, Chuo-Ku, Osaka 5410048 JAPAN
Founding March, 1933
Established December 25, 1950
Capital 50 million yen
Annual Sales 10.5 billion yen (Mar 31,2016)
Employees 89 persons (Apr 1,2016)
Main Bussiness Distribution of Ingredients for Rubbers and Plastics
Distribution of Rubber and Plastic Products
Manufacturing and marketing curing agents for epoxy resins
Formulating and marketing specialty epoxy resins
Manufacturing and marketing snap curing urethane, urea-urethane and urea resins
Manufacturing and marketing adhesives (e.g.for electronics etc.)
Manufacturing heatless glass
Corporate identity Contribute to society with a philosophy of co-prosperity.
Fundamental Policy Aim to become a company appreciated by customers by supplying valuable information.